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A Battery Chart For All Your APV Battery Needs

Posted by Vapor Rave on 6/8/2013 to HowTo

Source : http://content.spinfuel.com/2013/03/apv-battery-chart/

Which battery for which APV?

Have you ever browsed a vendor’s website looking for a new APV or at least window shopping for one and thought to yourself, “Do I need a battery for this one?” “Might I already have one?”, or “Should I buy one or not?” We’ve done it, and it drives us crazy. Thinking we have a battery on hand only to find out later that we didn’t is a frustrating situation.


 Mechanical and Fixed Voltage mods

Hotvapes Bombshell- 18650 or (2) RCR123 batteries for 6V vaping. Flat or button top (18500 or 18490 with Kick module)

Hotvapes Bombshell Stinger- 26650 flat top suggested (add Kick sleeve for use with Kick module)

The B.A.M.- IMR 26650 or 25500 flat top suggested. (adapter ring included to use Kick module with a  26650)

Kamry K100- telescoping to accept 18350, 18500, 18490 or 18650 flat and button top. (18350, 18500 or 18490 used with Kick module)

Smok Telescope- telescoping to accept 18350, 18500, 18490 or 18650 button and flat top (Kickable with 18350,18500 or 18490)

TEC telescope- telescoping to accept 18350, 18500, 18490 or 18650 button and flat top (Kickable with 18350, 18500 or 18490)

Rapture/Drawtube/MKB-TS- telescoping to accept 18350, 18500, 18490 or 18650 button and flat top (Kickable with 18350, 18500 or 18490)

KTS/China GG- includes extension tubes to accept 18350, 18500, 18490 or 18650. Panasonic protected flat top 18650 suggested (Kickable with 18350, 18500 or 18490)

Smoktech Natural- Multiple configurations to accept 18350, 18500, 18650 flat or button top as long as it’s under 67mm total length (Kickable with 18350, 18500 or 18490)

AltSmoke Alpha- Protected 14500 3.7v flat and button tops will work fine

 AltSmoke Omega- (1) protected IMR 18650 flat and button top (Kickable with 18500 or 18490)

 AltSmoke Silver Bullet- (1) protected IMR 18650 or 18500 with Kick FLAT top only  (also Kickable with 18650 with optional extension sleeve)

 AltSmoke BB- (1) protected 14500 button top suggested

 Great Lakes Vapor GLV-2- (2) CR123A 3.7 protected batteries flat top suggested (other variants of the GLV are available using different battery configurations such as (1) CR123A or (2) stacked 18650s)  

PureSmoker Legacy- 18650 or 18490 with Kick. Mini version available which uses (1) 18350 flat or button top (AW IMR suggested)

 GG Telescopic Storm- Telescoping to accommodate many battery configurations including (2) stacked LifePO4 3v, (2) 16340 3.7v, 18350, 18500, 17670 and 18650’s flat or bottom tops (Kickable as well)

 VaperMoon Saber Touch- (1) 18650 flat top for 3.7v, (2) RCR123A for 6v vaping (VaperMoon suggests using flat top batteries (35mm x 16mm - 1.4" x 0.6")

 SinCityMods can mod- (1) 18650 flat top suggested for 3.7v, button top 18650’s are not a good fit for the battery clip used in these. Can be converted to 6v using (2) LifePO4 RCR123A batteries

 ReosMods REO Grand- 18650 AW IMR button top suggested, flat tops will work as well (REO mini uses AW IMR 14500)

Vapage VMOD bottom feeder- (1) 14500 flat or button top(VMOD XL uses an 18650)

 Smoktech Bolt- 18500 or 18650 with optional extension sleeve flat or button top will work (Kickable with 18500 and extension sleeve)

Empire PV Mod- Telescoping design allows use of virtually any battery from 16340 up to 18650 flat or button top

Boge Revolution V2- Uses internal 1400mah battery charged with included cable

X-Cube- (1) 18350 flat top suggested

Madvapes Sidewinder- Comes in different versions, 18350 or 18650 which of course corresponding batteries in either flat or nipple top.

Roughstack- Uses (1) 18350 or 16340 battery flat or button top

Maxi Roughstack- Multiple configurations including (1) 18650, (2) 16340’s for 6v vaping or (2) 18350’s for 7.4v vaping.  Flat or button top batteries will work.

Super T Precise Plus- Custom made to accommodate any battery configuration you choose from 10440, 16340, 18350, 18500 (or IMR 18490) and 18650. These are made precisely for AW button top batteries.

 Super T ELA- IMR 18350 or IMR 18500 with Kick flat or button top (optional sleeve sold to use Kick with IMR 18650) f

 Totally Wicked Odyssey- (1) 14500 button top supplied and suggested

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage devices

Nvary sidewinder/A606 Varivolt/Versa- (1) 18500 flat and button top

Totally Wicked Varivolt- (1) 14500 flat and button top

Totally Wicked Vape-Pro- (1) 18650 nipple top included and suggested

Vamo/Ego APV V2/Eagle VV- Multiple tube configurations to use 18350, (2) 18350’s or 18650, flat and nipple top both work

 Lambo 4.0/Lavatube/Torpedo/M-Vari Stick/Vector/VTube- This device has many names but is generally known as the LavaTube since it’s based on Volcano E-cigs original LavaTube and it uses an 18650 battery. Flat tops suggested, the Apollo V-tube uses flat top only (Mini versions of each use 18350’s instead)

Volcano LavaTube 2.0- Newer version of the LavaTube and it still uses an 18650 or 18700 battery flat or button top

Sigelei ZMAX/Smoktech ZMAX- (1) 18650 or (2) 18350s flat or button top IMR’s suggested

Sigelei ZMAX telescope- Newer telescoping design of the ZMAX allows use with (1) 18350 or 18500, as well as 18650 or dual 18350’s flat and button top will work.

The Tesla-  requires IMR 18650 FLAT top battery

 Innokin itaste SVD- uses telescopic tubes to accommodate 18350, 18500 or 18650 flat and button tops        

 Joyetech EVIC- Uses a FLAT top Samsung 18650 that comes with the kit, charges through device with included cable so no external charger needed. I’ve also seen optional short battery tubes available to use 18350 batteries for a smaller form factor.

 AnyVape CVI V1 and V2- Uses 18650 batteries, optional short tube available for use with 18350 batteries as well. Flat or button tops will work as long as they’re no larger than 18mm x 65mm. The Efest IMR 18650 1500mah flat top or the Rider 18650 NCM 1800mah button top are good choices for this device

 L-Rider Robust and Robust A- Uses 14500 batteries. Flat top batteries seem to work better with these devices.

 Smok V-Max- Uses (2) stacked 18350 FLAT top batteries

 Nhaler Darwin- Uses an internal 1600mah battery that charges directly with included cable

 Innokin iTaste MVP- Uses an internal 2600mah battery charged directly with included cable. It also has power output to charge devices on the go like a cell phone. 

 Innokin iTaste VV- Uses an internal 800mah battery charged with included cable

Smoktech Groove- Uses an internal 3800mah battery charged with included cable

 ProVape ProVari- ProVape suggests only using their AW IMR 18500/18490’s. Optional extension cap allows AW 18650’s to be used. Button top batteries required (Mini version available using AW IMR 18350’s or 18500’s with extension cap)

Provape-1- Uses (1) protected button top 14500 battery

Notcigs Buzz Pro- My personal favorite, it uses (2) stacked button top 16340’s. The Powerizer 16340 button-top batteries that Notcigs suggest perform very well.

Notcigs Infinity Pro- Uses (2) stacked FLAT top LC 14430 batteries

Sigelei V8 VV- Uses (2) Button top 18350 batteries

Smoktech Gripper VV- Uses (1) 18650 battery that cannot exceed 68mm in length button or flat top (AW IMR 18650, Panasonic Hybrid 18650 and Sanyo 18650 for example)

VV Sub 2.0- telescoping design allows usage of 18350, 18500, 18490 and 18650 button or flat top will work.

 Is your APV missing from this chart? Let us know!

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